Service-Profit Chain analysis

Understand the drivers behind your KPI’s and how you can improve your company’s performance

By identifying which aspects of your employees’ behaviour drive customer satisfaction you can ensure that your whole organisation strives for the same goals – to increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

Are you looking to establish a clearer customer focus in your company and get the whole organisation to work towards the same goal? Service-Profit Chain is an analysis which links your employee survey to your company’s customer survey and profitability data.

Service-Profit Chain analysis links your company’s profitability figures to the results of your employee and customer surveys, showing which aspects of your work climate drive profitability.

Service-Profit Chain analysis enables your managers to work on the results from your employee and customer surveys using a single reporting tool, giving them a clear idea of which factors drive customer benefits in your company.

Common goals help to build a well integrated organisation

Do the results from your customer survey show that customer satisfaction levels differ among different units in your company? Are your customers satisfied with the initial contact with your staff but unhappy with the delivery?

Service-Profit Chain analysis establishes a clear causal connection and shows how your employees’ attitudes affect your customers’ perception of your company. By determining how your employees can help to create more satisfied and loyal customers you can increase your company’s profitability!

What motivates the employees and what the managers can do to build a stronger engagement are key issues that need to be addressed in order to increase customer satisfaction. Our Service-Profit Chain analysis enables your company to work at all levels to foster a customer-oriented work climate with common objectives.

In service-providing companies the employees’ behaviour is a guarantee that quality is being delivered to the customer.

How it works

  • Our experienced analysts will analyse the correlations between your employee data, customer data and any profitability data.
  • In our unique report portal your managers and employees can view results on both the customer and employee sides. The report presents comparison figures for each team’s work climate and customer satisfaction along with proposals for priority measures in areas where improvements are needed.
  • Together with their teams, your managers will draw up specially adapted action plans which are based on our method on the relationships between profitability and attitudes.
  • The action plans are then registered in the digital monitoring tool which enables management to drive the process.
  • As in all our analyses, you also have the option of obtaining an in-depth analysis at a strategic level.

The impact of employee engagement on customer relations and profitability

White paper

Read the study about the connections between employee engagement, customer loyalty and profitability. The results convincingly shows that engaged employees with good managers increase both customer loyalty and profitability.

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